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Tips & Tricks: Round Brushing

by ButterFly Beauty Pro Misty Mittelstedt


When round brushing your hair, it is best to start with a bit of mouse at your roots for body and leave in conditioner on your ends for protection. Blow dry about 75% of moisture out of hair. You can flip your head upside down to help add more body during this process.

Next, section your hair in to 4 easy to round brush sections. One on the top, one from ear to ear, one at your crown, and last the section at your nape. Always remember, if you want more body pull the round brush up when drying, if you want less body on top pull your round brush down when drying.

You can also add more or less curl; the size of your round brush makes a difference on your curl size. The bigger the round brush the less curl you get but the more body you get. The smaller the round brush the tighter the curl.

You can also hold your round brush in place to cool down and set the curl before releasing. This method will insure your round brushed locks will last all day!

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