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Wedding Trend: Hashtag, Upgrade, or Unplug

As you may have noticed, we at ButterFly are clearly fans of Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter! (You are highly encouraged to check us out on your

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favorite platform if you aren’t already a follower!) Social media is a great source of inspiration and networking avenue for clients and friends. We love to share event photos and brag about our amazing brides and clients. Our favorite photos are often those from guests capturing a candid moment or unique vantage point, however sometimes we want guests to stop focusing on their phones and enjoy the experience. photo by @kylie_ruffino

There is a fine line in the etiquette of social media at special events and especially weddings, and social media is becoming a trending topic on engaged couples’ wedding to-do list. According to The Knot, fifty-five percent of couples decided to hashtag their wedding in 2014, and one-third of people posted their marital or engagement status online within two hours of its real time occurrence.

Rules of ‘Social Media’ Engagement

If you want to incorporate social media into your wedding, be sure to let your guests know by using your wedding website, program, and signage to share your


personalized hashtag. Your officiant or best man could also make an announcement to guests at an appropriate time reminding them the best way to share their photos with the couple. You can even give guests a game to play with it to encourage fun and unique shots using a photobooth backdrop and props or a scavenger hunt with items such as a photo of the bride when she isn’t looking, a kissing couple, a white rose, etc.

photo by @sxfoxy, #DavePlusPatti

As a guest, you should follow these simple guidelines:

  • Don’t post a photo of the bride on social media until after she is officially married to avoid the groom having his first look while browsing on social media while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

  • Keep your cellphone out of site during the ceremony and reception dinner. Use your common sense manners, or act as you would on a meet-the-parents date.

  • Respect the fact that this is a wedding and don’t block other people’s view or interrupt their experience to snap a pic.

  • Remember that the bride and groom probably paid a lot of money to their photographer for beautiful photos of their guests enjoying the celebration, so don’t forget to put the phone away and join the party!

Social Media Upgrades

  • Stream Your Event Live – Perhaps a loved one is unable to attend your special day due to extenuating circumstance. Now with the power of live streaming, your guests can watch what happens live with the help of a guest or photographer using Google Hangouts, Skype, or I Do Stream.

  • Ditch the Disposable Cameras – Often the quality of photos from guests cell phones will be much better than those of a disposable camera due to advanced technology and the ability to easily re-do a bad a shot.

Unplugged Events

If the idea of guests distracted with their phones during your special day doesn’t please you, opt for an uplugged wedding. Prior to the wedding, nicely ask guests to refrain from taking photos or video during the event using your website,


program, and signage. Often times, the best man or officiant may remind guests to keep their cellphones away during the ceremony. Less common, couples may use the approach of many celebrities asking guests to check their phone at the door, like a coat check, but be sure to warn guests of any such action before they arrive. photo by Jamie Bosworth

Regardless of your social media decisions, your guests are there to celebrate your special day and will respect your decision and enjoy the event!

Let’s start planning!

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