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Austin in Full Spring

After what seemed like the world’s longest, wet winter, spring is finally upon us in Austin, Texas. With a clear and beautiful forecast (at least for a few days), it would be a shame to stay inside all day. Having been in Austin for 3 years now, I’ve been given multiple opportunities to explore this magical city, and I thought I would share some of my favorites for you to explore.

1. Zilker Park: A pretty obvious choice I will admit, but a treasure you really don’t want to miss out on. When the weather is right, Zilker is filled with people running, playing, or hanging out (especially with their cute pups)! Take a blanket and some snacks and you can find a perfect shady spot to waste the day away. You’ll have a spectacular view of the city skyline, multiple places to rent kayaks for the river (if you’re feeling adventurous) and endless grass to play in! Plus, if you can always jump into Barton Springs to cool off!

UPDATE: As of 3/28/2015, a $5 parking fee is required on weekends, holidays, and special events; all cars must enter Zilker Part via Mopac frontage road.

2. Mozart’s/ Hula Hut/ Abel’s on the Lake: Some may say it’s a sin to group these together because of their completely different atmospheres, but any of them are perfect places to eat, drink and be merry. With all three hangouts being right on Lake Austin, these are all awesome restaurants to sit outside and enjoy the weather. Hula Hut and Abel’s both boast incredible menus, while Mozart’s has some of the best coffee in Austin. Choose any of these three for a nice lunch on the lake, and you won’t be disappointed.

3. Hamilton’s Pool: Warning – now that there is perfect weather, you better get here early. Hamilton’s Pool is one of the most amazing natural wonders in Austin, and it is a perfect way to cool off when it gets a little warm. The view is unreal and because of the limited amount of people that are allowed in at a time, it’s easy to feel that you suddenly escaped the craziness of Austin. Wear some sunscreen, get there early and be prepared for an amazing day by the water.

4. Graffiti Hill: As a young college student, I must admit that Graffiti Hill is one of my favorite places in Austin. Not that it is any natural wonder or a hip and trendy restaurant, but it speaks volumes about the city of Austin. With its colorful walls and freedom to graffiti as you wish, this Austin landmark is an awesome place to adventure around with friends. To see what others have written and the creativity that some put into their work is unlike anything else I’ve seen in the city. And it's constantly changing so you can keep it on your running list of Austin activities. Yes some of it looks like a 4 year old was given a marker, but overall it’s an awesome spectacle.

5. Cathedral of Junk: Just like Graffiti Hill, the Cathedral of Junk is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The name describes the art perfectly as it is literally a cathedral made from junk. You can walk around this ingenious mess on a beautiful day and ogle over the millions of details. While it may sound like a crazy idea, the actual “building” is incredible and shows the true artistic abilities of some local Austinites. You don’t want to miss out on this one of kind piece of artwork!

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